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3 Years

7:00 am -  6:00pm

  • Fundamental Numeral Skills

  • Cognitive Development

  • Technology based Curriculum

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Reasoning Skills


To support language and literacy skills, teachers:

  • Help children listen to and follow simple multi-step directions.

  • Model and teach children how to ask questions.

  • Teach children how to hold a book and turn the pages from left to right.

  • Read together in library area and during group time.

  • Sing songs with rhyming and repetition that builds vocabulary and encourage phonological awareness.

  • Describe things and have conversations that help increase communication skills and vocabulary.


To encourage mathematical exploration, teachers:

  • Sing songs, finger-plays and nursery rhymes that include numbers.

  • Use mathematical language, such as large/small, under/over, up/down to describe position and location.

  • Provide toys that engage children in exploring size and shape, such as blocks.

  • Provide tools that allow them to measure objects such as scales, rulers, measuring tapes, clocks, timers, and measuring cups.

  • Count with children and touch each object as they count.


To promote scientific learning, teachers:

  • Provide magnifying glasses to explore objects.​

  • Plant seeds and water plants with children.

  • Ask children to compare different types of leaves and objects found in nature.

  • Read non-fiction books about pets, plants, bodies, water, etc.


To help children develop and practice social-emotional skills, teachers:

  • Provide children with opportunities to lead and gain a sense of independence through classroom jobs and making choices throughout their day.

  • Read books that are related to helping children describe and understand their feelings.

  • Model appropriate interactions and help children develop the language to express their emotions.

  • Play games that encourage children to stop and go, thereby controlling their actions. For example, games like Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, which require children to think before they can act


To promote healthy physical development, teachers:

  • Provide balls, bean bags and materials for children to roll, throw, bounce, and catch.

  • Encourage children to collect, dump, and fill small objects, whether they are natural materials like leaves, seeds, shells, and rocks or they are toys to bring outdoors.

  • Teach children how to garden and plant seeds or care for plants.

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