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VPK (4 Years)

VPK * : 4 Years - Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program


* If you live in Florida and your child turns (4) four years of age by September 1st,  your child is eligible to participate in Florida's FREE Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) education program.

7:00 am -  6:00pm

  • Advanced Cognitive Development

  • Technology based Curriculum

  • Computers and Coding

  • Memorization and Identification

  • Reasoning Skills


To support language development and emergent writing skills, teachers:

  • Encourage children to use more complex sentences.

  • Encourage children to contribute to group conversations.

  • Encourage children to retell familiar stories using props.

  • Help children recognize their own name in print.

  • Provide tools for children to create writing marks in sand and other media with a stylus.

  • Help children begin to recognize most uppercase and some lowercase letters.

  • Encourage children to draw to tell stories, dictate their stories to their teachers, and use invented spellings to label their work.

  • Encourage children to retell familiar stories using props.


Children use math to solve problems, create plans and interpret the world around them. To encourage the exploration of math concepts, teachers:

  • Provide board games with opportunities to count and compare quantities.

  • Encourage children to match patterns of items and creating their own patterns.

  • Have children help set the table, count items to ensure that each member of the class has what they need.

  • Encourage children to talk about the sequence of events.

  • Encourage children to create and extend patterns.

  • Encourage children to name and write numbers 0-10.

  • Use position terms such as above, below, beside, and between.


Children are given opportunities to engage in hands-on scientific exploration and predict outcomes of experiments. To help children explore science concepts, teachers plan scientific experiments such as:

  • Encourage children to sort objects based on different attributes and explain their reasoning.

  • Mixing baking soda and vinegar and have children observe what happens.

  • Experiment with colored water so children can examine primary colors and create secondary colors

  • Plant seeds and have children predict growth patterns and document their observations.

  • Provide classroom objects to create simple machines to enhance their play.


Our teachers help children learn how to:

  • Identify their emotions and the emotions of others.

  • Use words and actions to effectively express how they feel.

  • Regulate their emotions with adult support, if needed.

  • Maintain friendships.

  • Play with peers for an extended period of time.


The curriculum incorporates gross (large) motor development and also personal care routines. Children learn to:

  • Demonstrate coordination and balance in a variety of activities.

  • Communicate about foods that will keep them healthy.

  • Demonstrate basic safety practices.

  • Attend to personal care practices with minimal help from adults.

Nowtech Academy VPK Program at Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
VPK Daycare - Nowtech Academy in Pembroke Pines FL 33025
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