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Summer is an amazing time of year as a child. They are able to embark on summer adventures and enjoy the magnificence of being  a child. Our focus is to provide a variety of fun challenges for your child, providing them with new activities and opportunities to learn new skills -- all while they are having a wonderful time. Because our campers are from all over the world, and no two children are alike in personality and talent, we structure the activities geared to the child's age. This way, we can develop and encourage your child's individuality and natural curiosity to explore and learn. The Staff includes our own year-round Faculty and energetic young college students (some majoring in education).

Summer camp Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

Summer Curriculum

Week 1 - Discovering Nature:

The parts of a plant, the four elements for plant growth (soil, sun, water, seeds), planting seeds, watering, watching how roots grow, watching lima beans grow, nature walks, collect leaves, seasons & senses

Week 2 - Exploring Insects:

Butterfly garden,watching butterflies change, ant farm, lady bug farm, underground animals, nature walks, collecting rocks, and more.

Week 3 - Exploring Wild Animals:

elephants, tigers, monkeys, lions, and more; the sounds they make, foods they eat, where they live, characteristics, zoo presentation or traveling petting zoo (if available the children will pet and feed the animals)

Week 4 - Exploring Dinosaurs:

make model dinosaurs, learn about the different types of dinosaurs, foods they ate, where they lived, why they became extinct, and what they left behind.

Week 5 - Exploring Sea Animals:

build classroom aquarium, feed and maintain: fish, hermit crab, miniature turtles, sea life, shells, sponges, and more 

Week 6 Exploring Space:

learn about the different planets & stars, the sun, make their own solar system model, and build a rocket.




  • Metro Zoo

  • Science Center

  • Discovery Science Museum

  • Water Parks

  • Chuck E. Cheese

  • Monkey Joe's

  • Flamingo Garden

  • State Parks

  • Movie Theater

  • Miami Seaquarium

  • Dave & Buster's

  • Ice Skating

  • Jungle Island

* There are a minimum of (2) field trips per week at no additional cost.

* Field trip locations may vary.

Field Trip Destinations

Every Friday (weather permitting) is water day!  In order to participate each Friday: 


-Children must arrive with their bathing suits or trunks on already
-Children must wear water shoes for safety outside on water days
-Those children who are not potty trained must wear a water diaper
-A towel and an extra change of dry clothes must be sent
-Sun block and a sippy cup for drinking water are recommended


EVERTHING MUST BE LABELED WITH CHILD’S NAME as well as a big bag to carry wet items back home! 

Week 7 - Exploring Science & Art:

problem solving, critical thinking, making predictions, forming a hypothesis, observe changes, using their senses, making a volcano, nature of gases, sink or float, weather, magnetic art, tie dying, arts, and crafts. 

Week 8 - Exploring the Kitchen:

Children will prepare snacks, manipulate the ingredients, follow recipe, experience cooking, and enjoy eating their own creations.

Week 9 - Exploring Cultures:

Countries, culture, songs, stories, dances, games, music, heritage day, dress-up, bring a dish to share, pictures to show, create a passport, and more

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