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A Comprehensive Guide to Preschool Safety for Parents in Pembroke Pines

Updated: Jan 24


As parents, ensuring the safety of our little ones is a top priority. In this guide, we will navigate the critical aspects of preschool safety, focusing on the measures in place at NowTech Academy in Pembroke Pines. Discover how we go above and beyond to create a secure and nurturing environment for your child's early learning journey.

Children playing happily in the secure and monitored outdoor play areas at NowTech Academy, exemplifying our commitment to preschool safety in Pembroke Pines.

Expertly Trained Staff

At NowTech Academy, our commitment to safety begins with our expertly trained staff. Our teachers and caregivers undergo rigorous training in CPR, first aid, and emergency response, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

Secure Facility Design

The physical environment plays a crucial role in preschool safety. Explore how NowTech Academy's facility is designed with security in mind, featuring controlled access points, surveillance systems, and age-appropriate classrooms to create a safe and conducive learning space.

Comprehensive Emergency Protocols

Safety drills and emergency protocols are regularly practiced to ensure a swift and coordinated response in any unforeseen circumstances. Learn about the steps we take to prepare both our staff and students for various emergency scenarios.

Strict Supervision Policies

NowTech Academy maintains strict supervision policies to guarantee that every child is accounted for at all times. From classroom activities to outdoor play, our teachers prioritize vigilant supervision to create a secure learning environment.

Health and Hygiene Practices

Discover our stringent health and hygiene practices that contribute to the overall well-being of our students. From regular sanitization routines to promoting healthy habits among children, we take proactive measures to prevent the spread of illness.

Secure Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor play is an integral part of early childhood development, and at NowTech Academy, we've designed secure and monitored outdoor play areas. Explore how we strike the right balance between freedom and safety during playtime


Open Communication Channel

Building trust with parents is paramount. NowTech Academy maintains open communication channels to keep parents informed about daily activities, safety measures, and any updates related to their child's well-being.


Choosing a preschool is a significant decision, and safety is a non-negotiable aspect. At NowTech Academy in Pembroke Pines, we understand the importance of creating a secure environment where your child can thrive. Our commitment to expert training, secure facilities, emergency preparedness, and open communication ensures that your child's safety is our top priority. Join us in providing a safe and joyful learning experience for your little one at NowTech Academy. Enroll today and experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing a preschool dedicated to safety and smiles.


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