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Everything You Need to Know About Early Learning Coalition (ELC) Daycare of Broward County, FL

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Embarking on the journey of parenting often entails navigating a myriad of decisions, and at the forefront is ensuring the best possible start for your child's educational and developmental path. In the heart of Broward County, Florida, lies a comprehensive solution that resonates with the aspirations of every parent – the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) Daycare.

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Introduction to ELC Daycare

Early Learning Coalition (ELC) of Broward County, FL, is a comprehensive program designed to provide quality childcare and early education to children, enabling working parents to balance their professional and family lives effectively.

The primary mission of the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County is to advocate for and assist children, families, and educators within our local early learning community. Their objective is to empower you with the necessary resources, whether you're a parent seeking the optimal program for your child or an educator aiming to enhance your training and professional growth.

Early Learning Coalition (ELC) Daycare of Broward County, FL

ELC Daycare Services and Benefits-

Childcare Programs Offered

ELC Daycare offers a range of childcare programs tailored to the needs of children of different ages. From infant care to pre-kindergarten, ELC centers provide a nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and develop essential skills.

Qualifications for ELC in Florida

To qualify for ELC Daycare services in Florida, certain criteria must be met. Families must meet income requirements and other eligibility criteria set by the state. This ensures that assistance is provided to those who need it the most.

Income Limits for ELC Assistance

ELC assistance is designed to support families facing financial challenges. Income limits vary based on family size and circumstances. Families falling within these limits can receive subsidies that make quality daycare accessible.

How ELC Helps Working Families

ELC Daycare plays a crucial role in supporting working families. By providing reliable and safe childcare, parents can pursue their careers with peace of mind, knowing that their children are in capable hands.

NowTech Academy ELC Childcare

NowTech Academy accepts the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County (ELC) School Readiness Program (SR), which offers financial assistance to eligible families for early education and care. This program aligns with ELC's mission of providing financial assistance for early education and care. The NowTech Academy ELC program caters to individual needs and offers extended day care, after-school care, and school-age care options, ensuring a holistic educational experience for children.

Finding ELC Daycare Centers-

Broward County ELC Centers

Broward County boasts a network of ELC Daycare centers, strategically located to serve various communities. These centers offer a convenient and accessible solution for parents seeking quality daycare services.

Online Resources for ELC Centers

Finding an ELC center near you is easier than ever, thanks to online resources and directories provided by the coalition. These resources offer essential information about each center's offerings and contact details.

Applying for ELC Daycare Services

The process of applying for ELC daycare services involves submitting relevant documents and fulfilling application requirements. The coalition's user-friendly application process ensures that families can access the assistance they need efficiently.

ELC Daycare Costs and Subsidies-

Understanding ELC Payment Policies

ELC Daycare costs are determined based on a sliding scale that considers family income and size. This approach ensures that families with lower incomes receive more substantial subsidies, making quality daycare affordable for all.

Calculating Daycare Costs in Broward County

The cost of daycare in Broward County varies based on multiple factors, including the child's age, the chosen ELC center, and the family's income. The coalition's website provides tools to help families estimate their potential costs.

Financial Assistance and Subsidies

ELC's financial assistance and subsidies alleviate the financial burden of daycare for eligible families. This support not only enables parents to work but also ensures that children have access to early education that sets the foundation for their future success.

Quality of ELC Daycare-

ELC Curriculum and Educational Approach

ELC Daycare centers follow a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on early childhood development. Through play-based learning, children acquire cognitive, social, and emotional skills that are vital for their growth.

Qualified Staff and Teacher-Student Ratios

ELC centers prioritize quality education by maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios. This allows each child to receive individualized attention and guidance from qualified educators.

Health and Safety Standards

The safety of children is paramount in ELC Daycare centers. Stringent health and safety protocols are in place to ensure a secure environment where children can explore, learn, and thrive.

Benefits of ELC Daycare for Children-

Early Childhood Development

ELC Daycare plays a pivotal role in a child's early development. The curriculum is designed to stimulate cognitive growth, language acquisition, and motor skills, setting the stage for future learning.

Socialization and Interaction

Interacting with peers in an ELC setting fosters social skills and emotional intelligence. Children learn to share, communicate, and collaborate, preparing them for a lifetime of positive interactions.

Preparing for Kindergarten

ELC Daycare equips children with the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. From literacy and numeracy to problem-solving abilities, children are well-prepared for the next stages of their education.

Benefits of ELC Daycare for Parents-

Enabling Work-Life Balance

ELC Daycare enables parents to strike a balance between their careers and family life. With reliable childcare, parents can focus on their professional responsibilities while ensuring their children's well-being.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that their children are in a secure and nurturing environment, parents experience peace of mind throughout the workday. This peace of mind translates into improved focus and productivity.

Financial Relief

The financial support provided by ELC Daycare subsidies significantly reduces the financial strain of childcare costs. This relief allows parents to allocate resources to other essential aspects of their family's well-being.

Alternatives to ELC Daycare-

Private Daycares in Broward County

While ELC Daycare offers valuable services, some families may explore private daycare options in Broward County. It's essential to research and compare the offerings and costs of various providers.

In-Home Childcare Options

In-home childcare arrangements, such as hiring a nanny or using a trusted family member, can also be considered as alternatives to ELC Daycare. These options provide personalized care within the familiar surroundings of the child's home.

NowTech Academy Support for ELC Families

For families seeking comprehensive early education and care solutions, NowTech Academy accepts the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County (ELC) School Readiness Program (SR), in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County (ELC). This program provides a specialized educational experience, including extended day care, after-school care, and school-age care. NowTech Academy's commitment to quality education aligns with ELC's mission, ensuring that children receive the best possible start in their educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is ELC program in Florida?

Florida's School Readiness Program, known as SR, provides financial aid to qualifying low-income families. This support is aimed at facilitating early education and care, enabling families to achieve financial independence and ensuring a successful academic journey for their young children.

2. How much does ELC pay for daycare in Florida?

ELC subsidies vary based on family income and size, ensuring affordability for those who need it. The ELC covers a weekly payment of $150 to the childcare provider. In cases where the provider's standard fee is $175 per week, the parent might be required to contribute $30 weekly. This sum includes the $5 parent fee along with the $25 difference.

3. Who qualifies for ELC in Florida?

Children should reside in a household with limited income, where parents or guardians are engaged in work or educational activities for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

4. What is the income limit for ELC in Florida?

Income limits differ based on family size, and ELC provides subsidies accordingly. Families who earn up to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) may qualify and may remain funded up to 85% of the State Median Income (SMI).


Early Learning Coalition (ELC) Daycare in Broward County, FL, offers a valuable solution for working parents seeking quality childcare and early education for their children. With various programs, subsidies, and a strong focus on child development, ELC Daycare contributes to the well-being of both children and their parents. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, ELC ensures that children receive the foundation they need to thrive academically and socially.

Families can confidently explore ELC Daycare as a means to achieve work-life balance and invest in their children's future. Additionally, the NowTech Academy ELC of Broward County (ELC) School Readiness Program (SR), provides an innovative option for families looking for specialized educational experiences within the ELC framework.

To learn more about the NowTech Academy ELC childcare for Florida families, call us at 954-589-1530 or visit:


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