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A Survival Guide For Starting the year in Pre-K Pembroke Pines

Updated: Jun 26

It's just about time for that first backpack, that first bus ride—or drop-off!—and those first exciting steps into pre-k. But in Pembroke Pines, to both parent and small child, this new school year can only mean one thing: a whirlwind of emotions—excitement, nervousness, and maybe even a tad bit of anxiousness. But fear not, fellow Pembroke Pines parents! This survival guide is here to equip you for every eventuality and to ensure a successful experience for your child in pre-kindergarten.

Excited childrens ready for their first day of pre-k

Gearing Up for Pre-K:

  • Get the Basics Together: Work with your child's teacher to get a list of supplies that will include such things as backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, and nap time items.

  • Label It All: From backpacks to clothing, label everything. You can always use fun, color-coded labels to help your child recognize things quickly and make the idea enjoyable.

  • Rehearse: Practice with your child rituals like putting on their backpack, opening their lunchbox, and using hand sanitizer. You can mimic being at school together—role-play before the start of school, which will decrease some anxieties.

Building Social and Emotional Skills:

  • Connect with classmates: Pembroke Pines is abundant in various parks and playgroups. It will be an excellent chance for the child to get connected with other children of that pre-k age.

  • Read Social Skills Books: Use books like "The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!" or "First Day Jitters" to facilitate conversations about school routines and feelings.

  • Practice Separation Anxiety: Have short playdates with friends or family to help to encourage independence step by step.

Academic Preparation (Easy & Fun!):

  • Use playing for learning: sing alphabet songs, walk together along the street and count, and consider exciting applications and games.

  • Read, Read, Read! Daily story time can introduce new vocabulary and build the love of literacy in your child.

  • Visit the local Pembroke Pines library; it is an enjoyable and accessible activity that can distract you from your everyday life!

  • Delicate Motor Skills Matter: Coloring, cutting, and working with playdough are all activities that help develop the hand-eye coordination needed for writing in the years ahead.

Pembroke Pines Specific Tips:

  • Connect with your School: Attend parent-teacher conferences and orientation sessions through your Pembroke Pines pre-k program.

  • Find Local Resources: Pembroke Pines has museums, nature centers, and children's theater productions for tremendous opportunities to supplement learning with provocative inquiry.

  • Enroll in a Playgroup for Pre-Schoolers around Pembroke Pines: Social interactions with classmates or peers will significantly assist the child in their transition to a more formal school setting.

Nowtech Academy: Your Partner in Pre-K Education in Pembroke Pines

We are looking for an environment that nurtures and cares about the academic, social, and emotional well-being of your child?  Look no further than Nowtech Academy! We offer an excellent pre-k program in Pembroke Pines designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten. Our experienced teachers use a play-based curriculum filled with engaging activities and exploration.

Remember, Patience is Key!

Every child adjusts at their own pace. Celebrate small milestones, offer positive reinforcement, and be open communication with your child's teacher.  Together, you can ensure a successful and enriching pre-k experience in Pembroke Pines!

Contact Nowtech Academy today to learn more about our pre-k program and how we can help your child blossom in Pembroke Pines!


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